Arthur Magazine #33 Is In Stock; Get A Free Copy With Your Order

Arthur Magazine is back in print again after a long hiatus (and on our preferred newsprint no less). We’ve got the brand new issue, #33, ┬áin stock right now. Arthur used to be a free magazine, but this go around they’re trying out a paid scheme, although it’s only $5, cheaper than most any read around and arguably a whole lot better. BUT, for a limited time, those making an order from 20 Buck Spin of $35 or more will get a copy for nothing, totally FREE. You need not do anything or use any coupon codes. Just make an order above $35 and we’ll handle the rest. Of course you can buy the issue for $5 as well.

The issue includes a whole lot of killer writing and comics (a lot like some other mag we know) and even features a piece on Waylon Jennings by none other than Chips & Beer editor/writer Stewart Voegtlin, and and accompanying illustration of madness from the one and only Chips & Beer staff illustrator and oracle Hand Of Beaver. Get it now!

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