Bone Sickness ‘Demo’ EP, Vomitor ‘The Escalation’ LP, Troubled Horse ‘Step Inside’ LP Bong ‘Mana-Yood-Sushai’ LP & Other New Additions This Week

The first 20 Buck Spin release of 2012 will be the debut 12″ from Olympia WA Death Metal band Bone Sickness. That will drop in April (it will be available digitally as well though no CD is planned at the moment). 7 tracks and 20 minutes of grinding, furious Death Metal in the early American way. In the meantime to whet the appetite the band’s demo tape has been pressed onto a limited EP which we now have in stock. A full list of new additions and restocks for this week is listed below. We have mostly finished moving to our new HQ and things are getting back into gear here at 20 Buck Spin. We thank you for your patience during our transition.

New Additions:

Bestial Warlust – Satan’s Fist 12″ 
Black Witchery – Live Desecration Ritual TAPE
Bone Sickness – Demo EP
Bong – Mana-Yood-Sushai LP
Corrupted Shirt
Deathhammer – Forever Ripping Fast TAPE

Deathhammer – Onward To The Pits TAPE
Denial Of God – Death And The Beyond TAPE

Diagonal – The Second Mechanism LP

God Seed – I Begin LP

In The Woods – Heart Of The Ages LP
Midnight – Complete & Total Hell TAPE
Troubled Horse – Step Inside LP
Vomitor – The Escalation LP
Witch Cross – Fit For Fight TAPE


Amebix – Monolith LP
Bathory – Blood Fire Death LP
Bathory – S/T LP
Bathory – The Return LP
Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP 
Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal LP
Electric Wizard – Black Masses 2xLP
Electric Wizard – S/T LP
Midnight – Complete & Total Hell 2xLP
Midnight – Satanic Royalty LP
Possessed – Seven Churches LP
Slayer – Hell Awaits PLP
Slayer – Show No Mercy LP
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Bloodlust LP
Ved Buens Ende – Written In Waters 2xLP
Yob – The Illusion Of Motion 2xLP
Yob – The Unreal Never Lived 2xLP



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