Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes 12″, Morne ‘Asylum’ 2xLP & LPs from Morgion, Evoken, Atriarch, Batillus, Asunder & More

The latest split 12″ from Hooded Menace is out, this time with their fellow countrymen Horse Latitudes. Big band logos embossed black on black make up the whole cover artwork (despite what’s pictured below). One long banger from each band. The official US vinyl version of Morne’s 2011 epic Asylum is in stock now as well. New and restock LPs from Morgion, Evoken, Godflesh, Yob, Atriarch, Batillus and Asunder are here too.

Asunder – Works Will Come Undone LP
Atriarch – Forever The End LP
Batillus – Furnace LP
Godflesh – Streetcleaner LP
Morgion – Among Majestic Ruin LP
Yob – Catharsis LPĀ 

Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes 12″

Morne – Asylum 2xLP

Morgion – Cloaked In Ages, Crowned In Earth LP

Evoken – Shades Of Night Descending 2xLP


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