Demo Policy:
Though not generally seeking new projects we’re open to submissions. Some things we look for: We are primarily interested in bands from the US with the ability and motivation to tour. If you have the motivation and means to tour it is wise to mention that in your submission. But only if you are serious about it. Saying you’re interested in touring is NOT the same as actually being absolutely committed to do so regardless of other circumstances. Would you tour without the label release?

The music matters most of course, but those two other factors may improve the chances of our interest. We are interested in bands that are willing and ready to WORK. Not simply seeking a release for their home recordings or hobby band with no intention of further effort. No weekend warriors. International bands are still welcome to submit as well but the same “rules” apply.

The preferred method is a link to streaming music sent to: demos [at] A bandcamp link is ideal. Do not send MP3s to our email. Youtube links are OK.  We accept demos via mail on TAPE or VINYL only, however if you have a bandcamp site, or other streaming option, save yourself the money and just send a link. Do not send us CDs or CD-Rs, they will be discarded.

WE WILL ONLY CONTACT YOU IF WE’RE INTERESTED. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK OR LET YOU KNOW OUR OPINION OF YOUR MUSIC OR OTHERWISE RESPOND TO SOLICITATIONS. We get a good number of submissions every week and it’s simply to time consuming to respond to everybody. Thanks.

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