New & Restock LPs From: Anathema, Uncle Acid, Pentagram, Thorns, Manilla Road, Bathory & More…

Several big orders arrived to 20 Buck Spin on the same day today. As a result we’ve got a sizable list of new and restock vinyl. Of particular note: The Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ‘Bloodlust’ LP is back in stock on two new colors of vinyl to choose from. One of our favorite LPs ever, Anathema’s ‘Serenades’ is finally repressed on vinyl after many years. Also the Thorns debut album from 2001 is on 2xLP for the first time, with two bonus tracks. Two 80s era Pentagram LPs are in stock ‘Relentless’ and ‘Day Of Reckoning’, and six different Manilla Road LPs (!) including a few that are new to 20BS mailorder, ‘Metal’, ‘Spiral Castle’ and ‘Mystification’. Full list below.

Absu – Absu LP
Anathema – Serenades LP
Autopsy – Mental Funeral LP
Bathory – The Return LP
Bathory – Under The Sign… LP
Borrowed Time / Wytch Hazel – Split EP
Dawnbringer – Into The Lair Of The Sun God LP
Electric Wizard – Electric Wizard LP
Manilla Road – Crystal Logic LP
Manilla Road – Invasion LP
Manilla Road – Metal LP
Manilla Road – Mystification 2xLP
Manilla Road – Spiral Castle LP
Manilla Road – The Deluge LP
Pentagram – Day Of Reckoning LP
Pentagram – Relentless LP
Possessed – Seven Churches LP
Reveal – Nocturne Of Eyes & Teeth LP
Slayer – Show No Mercy LP
Thorns – Thorns 2xLP
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Bloodlust LP
Ved Buens Ende – Written In Waters 2xLP

Anathema – Serenades LP

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats LP

Manilla Road – Metal LP

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