Profetus 2xLP, The Endless Blockade ‘Final’ TAPE, Watchtower ‘Energetic Disassembly’ LP

A few new additions that cross the spectrum of heavy. First up, Profetus’ ‘To Open The Passages At Dusk’ 2XLP. Finnish Funeral Doom from the land where they have the genre down. Stream the whole thing below. We also have the final release from The Endless Blockade, a limited live cassette. We got the last copies of this tape. Some of the members are now focused on the similarly-minded Column Of Heaven project who will drop a 12″ in the near future. And we got a repress of Watchtower’s 1985 debut of insane tech metal ‘Energetic Disassembly’ an obviously large influence on mid-period Death.

Profetus – To Open The Passages At Dusk 2xLP

The Endless Blockade TAPE (SOLD OUT)

Watchtower – Energetic Disassembly LP

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