Stargazer ‘A Great Work Of Ages’ 2xLP & Diocletian ‘War Of All Against All’ LP + Others In Stock

Some long awaited favorites have arrived. Two albums there were amongst our top 10 of  2010 have finally surface on vinyl. Stargazer’s ‘A Great Work Of Ages‘ is the best progressive Death Metal album in a long time, and the one instance where that genre name doesn’t conjure up horrible images of CGI album covers and brickwalled, trigger happy tech nerds. Damon from Mournful Congregation is in Stargazer. Also from that side of the world Diocletian’s 2nd LP ‘War Of All Against All‘, an onslaught of barbarity and wrath. We also got a few copies of Antediluvian’s ‘Under Wings Of Asael‘ LP and ‘Fo(u)r Burials‘ 2xLP.

Stargazer – A Great Work Of Ages 2xLP


Diocletian – War Of All Against All LP


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