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Australia’s Mournful Congregation have existed in some form since the mid 1990s. The band is well known in the international underground metal scene as forerunners in the Funeral Doom subgenre where they sit alongside Skepticism, Asunder and scant few others as long time torchbearers of the unique sound. Involved in numerous other projects, including Stargazer and Cauldron Black Ram, 2011 marks an period of increased activity for Mournful Congregation.

In November 20 Buck Spin is pleased to announce the release of the fourth studio album from Mournful Congregation ‘The Book Of Kings’, their follow up to 2009’s hallowed ‘The June Frost’ LP. As a prologue to the ‘The Book Of Kings’ we present ‘The Unspoken Hymns’ a compilation of tracks released by Mournful Congregation previously on limited run vinyl only splits with like-minded, respected funeral doomers Worship, Stabat Mater and Stone Wings. The disc also includes a newer, remixed version of the song ‘Left Unspoken’ which originally appeared in earlier form on the Four Burials split that also featured, among others, Loss. Their cover of ‘Elemental’ by the influential Thergothon is also included.Europeans please purchase from Osmose.Tracklisting:1. Left Unspoken
2. The Epitome Of Gods And Men Alike
3. A Slow March To The Burial
4. Descent Of The Flames
5. Elemental 

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