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5 copies at our wholesale rate. To order further multiples of 5 (ie. 10, 15, 20), simply add this item to your cart twice for 10, 3 times for 15, etc... If you want an amount of copies that is not a multiple of 5 please email to ironheel [@] chipsandbeer.net.

These fuckin' guys. The Yeti emerges from its slumber, returning yet again to terrorize the arbiters of good taste and false justice. Their weapon, ink; their method, cruelty; their target, everyone. Inside this ish you got 3 different monsters of rock from the Blue Oyster Cult, one Marky Ramone, Derek Riggs, Michael T. Gilbert, Brocas Helm, Manilla Road, Gouge, Dead & a smorgasbord of ill tasting extras.

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