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  Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer  solidified the duo's strengths they so adeptly expressed two years prior on  Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan . Much like its predecessor,  Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer  shone with a blinding brilliance that only INQUISITION could uniquely create: bulldozing, hypnotic, ritualistic, and thoroughly occult, an expansive 'n' absorbing BLACK HOLE that's an awesome power to behold, drone-oblivion chunder stretching to infinity and beyond, and all with the simplest, most stripped-down rudiments of guitar, drums, and voice. Once again, INQUISITION both defined and REdefined black metal; the ideology and esoterica of true Satanism imbues everything the duo do across this monolithic, minimal-is-maximal work and yet personalized in such a manner that bespeaks absolute devotion to the darkside. And although the black metal scene at the time of the album's release was far sparser and far less public,  Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer  was met with rapturous appeal by the diehard faithful, who knew all along that INQUISITION deserved to dominate the modern underground scene. So, hear the album the way it was intended to be experienced, as a portal to the Other Side, and try returning from the trip unchanged.

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