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4 panel Digipak CD.

Slasher Dave, the formidable frontman of Detroit’s Acid Witch, and 20 Buck Spin have united forces to bring a special treat for this year’s Halloween loot bag. On ‘Frights’ his fifth solo record, Dave introduces a heavier side to the instrumental synth album world that is sure to send chills down the spine and drain the blood from the body.

Twelve nightmares of deranged horror synth and terrifying industrial rhythms pulse through a stark electronic soundscape of analog synthesizers, pounding bass, distorted guitars and warped lo-fi horror samples. The dusty VHS tape vibe of this bizarre soundtrack encapsulates the dread and excitement of the best late night double features.

Timed for release as All Hallow’s Eve approaches Slasher Dave’s ‘Frights’ is a darkly entertaining trick or treat for this years pumpkin smashing festivities, full of eerie cues, neon shadows and bloodstained staircases.

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