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Details about band formations and ex-members of so-and-so are unimportant. What matters is that The Endless Blockade is a band from Toronto that plays Powerviolence. Taking the foundations of the genre’s forebears (Crossed Out, No Comment, MITB, etc) and streamlining it for today’s harsh realities, The Endless Blockade is furious hardcore meets crawling sludge. “Primitive” is the Blockade’s second LP, following the debut LP “Turn Illness Into A Weapon”, several EPs and split LPs with Iron Lung, Warzone Womyn and Hatred Surge. “Primitive” is the band’s most fully realized work thus far, with great care taken in tying the album together musically, visually and lyrically. Scott Hull’s mix is both clear and raw while Glyn Smyth’s artwork visually represents the doomsday cults, fanatics and radicals that provide the backdrop for the LP’s deranged pace and surgically precise twists and turns. The Blockade’s affinity for the diseased power-electronics and noise genres (think Slogun, Whitehouse) also plays a more significant role on “Primitive”. 

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