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And suddenly the    world turned cold... five years after their last record „Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist“, Urfaust are finally back with a new album. Cold and hard bitten as autumn fog, “Der freiwillige Bettler” forces its way through your stereo and poisons every soul that tries to cross his way. Throughout seven songs, Urfaust create freezing and occult worlds that capture their listeners and infest their brains slowly and remorselessly. Ritualistic dilatoriness, fierce and opulent guitar solos, mystic scents of keyboards and the extraordinary and unique vocals are once again the well known trademarks of this dutch duo. Recorded and mixed at the Lytsewald Ghostfarm and the Kollum Bunker, “Der freiwillige Bettler” has the acoustic wrapping Urfaust are infamous for: rough, sombre and barren yet intoxicating, touching and prepossessing. Once you're infected, there is now way out and this record will be your path directly into the abyss.

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