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Cerebral Rot is DEAD. From its maggot-infested corpse an entity even more repulsively loathsome has emerged, CORPUS OFFAL. Cerebral Rot’s lead guitarist / vocalist Ian Schwab, and guitarist Clyle Lindstrom have reconstituted in this ghastly operating theater, now with the new rhythm section (de)composed of Jesse Shreibman (Bell Witch, Autophagy) on drums and Jason Sachs (ex-Demoncy) on bass.

With the Cerebral Rot songwriting core intact CORPUS OFFAL reeks of similarly foul decrepitude and bludgeoning subterranean weight. Additionally a new more sickly goregrind presence hovers over the murk like a horrid miasma, engulfing the tunes with a cadaverous redolence. The two demo tracks here, ‘Ripened Psychosis’ and ‘Gorging Gastric Decedent’, will both appear on the band’s eventual debut LP (in re-recorded form) to be recorded by Billy Anderson straight to tape later this year and released in 2025. For now, inhale the first rotted whiff of CORPUS OFFAL in demo form to sate your lust for excretion.

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