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Can you combine two separate orders I placed into one shipment?

Send your request, including both order numbers and your name to [mailorder] @ [20buckspin.com].

Can I cancel my unshipped order?

If you wish to cancel your unshipped order, there is a 5% deduction due to the fact that payment processors such as Paypal and credit card companies will no longer refund the fees they take from us to process your order in the first place.

What kind of download is the immediate download that comes with your LPs? 

We have now transitioned to providing Bandcamp download codes via email after checkout for most 20 Buck Spin vinyl and tape titles . Codes can take up to one hour to deliver after checkout. Questions regarding downloads can be sent to  [downloads] @ [20buckspin.com].

I bought a 20 Buck Spin released LP at my local record store. Can I get a download?

Email us at [downloads] @ [20buckspin.com] with some proof of purchase and we can provide one.

Do your CD titles include downloads?

No. Analog formats only.

I write for a blog / site / whatever can I get promos of your releases?

All our PR is handled by Earsplit. Contact dave at earsplitcompound dot com to see about getting promos.

I run a label, can we trade?

We don’t trade much anymore. Send your list if you like to [store] @ [20buckspin.com] but we’ll probably only respond if interested. No disrespect meant we're just busy and have a lot of requests.

I’m in a band and we just self-released our LP / EP / CD / TAPE. Can you stock it?

Thanks but we cannot. We stock a limited amount of non-label releases from select longtime partners. No, not even on consignment. We suggest hitting up the ‘we carry everything’ metal mailorders.

I’m looking for a job / internship etc. You got anything?

Sorry we don’t.

I want to license a 20 Buck Spin released song for a movie / tv show / commercial / porno:

Contact [questions] @ [20buckspin.com]. Preferably with an offer already worked out.

I have a killer app / marketing program / etc that will make your sales pop through the roof. Can we hop on a call to discuss?


For wholesale inquiries email [store] @ [20buckspin.com]. We are officially distributed through Revolver USA and Soulfood Music Distribution. We are unable to sell to current Revolver customers.
For album / demo submissions: [demos] @ [20buckspin.com]. But read this first.
    Please read the shipping & returns information before contacting us about an order. Your question may already be answered there (like adding to your already placed order, buying insurance, international shipping, etc).

    For mailorder questions and questions about your specific order email [mailorder] @ [20buckspin.com]. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ORDER NUMBER (not the PAYPAL ID which is useless for us, the order number that came from our site in your confirmation email).

    For general questions not to do with the above email [questions] @ [20buckspin.com].

    For questions having to do with immediate downloads contact  [downloads] @ [20buckspin.com]

    Europeans can also find our releases through various mail orders on the continent like Van Records, Grindpromotion, Iron Bonehead, Osmose and Nuclear Blast. 
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