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  • Order Insurance is available and is your only recourse through  20 Buck Spin for loss or damage incurred in transit.

  • All sales are considered 'final sale'. Returns accepted only in the case of defective product or mis-shipment.

  • Prices on the site do not include postage. Postage will be calculated based on weight of product and packaging and related processing fees. 

  • Please make sure to provide a COMPLETE address. If you leave out an Apartment, Suite or Floor number, it is likely the post office will return the package to us. In that case you would need to repay the shipping cost again, plus any associated cost we are charged by the post office for the return postage on your package. This is easily avoided by providing complete and total address information.

  • A shipping notification will be emailed to you upon shipment of your order. All items are shipped in brand new condition, safely and securely - all vinyl orders have "buffer" between records and outside of box. Once the order is shipped 20 Buck Spin is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred in transit to your package unless you have purchased order insurance. By ordering from this site you agree to these terms.

  • Once your order ships it will take 24-48 hours minimum for the tracking to show anything. If you're checking it an hour after you get a shipping confirmation, it's most likely going to show an error.

  • Please note we do not remove vinyl from shrink-wrap unless requested to do so. If you would like that done please submit a note with your order saying so. A note can be added from the shopping cart page before checkout.

  • Additionally, while records are kept cool here and Olympia is not a hot climate even in summer,  in transit elsewhere during the hot summer, despite best efforts, records can warp sometimes. Often this is fairly insignificant and does not effect play. Please be reasonable and understanding when buying vinyl records through the mail.

  • A note about Priority Mail: The USPS has appended ETA's onto the description of Priority Mail (such as 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, depending upon your location in relation to ours). This is an estimate from the post office of how long it will take to get to you once the post office receives the package from 20 Buck Spin. The USPS DO NOT guarantee the delivery in that amount of time. It generally takes us 1-3 business days to ship out and get it to the post office. So the descriptions of time the USPS states, which we cannot edit unfortunately, does not mean you will receive your package in two days from the date you order if 2-day is selected for example. 

  • If you are waiting on an order to arrive, please do not contact us about its whereabouts until at least 2 weeks have passed if the order is shipping in the United States and at least 4 weeks if the order is shipping to a location outside the United States. Packages take different lengths of time to arrive depending on many factors. Please use the tracking if provided. Order insurance is also available and your only recourse for a shipment that goes missing.

  • We DO NOT hold or reserve items for purchase at a later time, whether it be 6 hours, 6 days, or 6 weeks. If you buy something now and want us to hold it to ship at a later date, that we can do.

  • If you have made an order in our store that has not yet shipped, and you want to add something more to your order, please place a NEW ORDER and then we will combine the two orders into one package. You will be refunded the difference in shipping.

  • For questions regarding orders, products, shipping, etc email [mailorder] @ [20buckspin.com] or try us via Facebook Messenger.

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