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Add this to your cart and purchase and we will send you a coupon code for 10% off every order you make for the time frame of your choice (minimum 1 year). 

This is being made available to the many of you who purchase from 20 Buck Spin on a regular basis. For most of you, if you do the math, this will benefit you over the course of the year. The deal is open to anyone, anywhere and will remain available for the time being.

The coupon code must be processed manually so it will not be automatically sent immediately upon hitting the checkout button. You should receive your coupon code very soon after placing your order, typically within 48 hours. If you have not received your code after 48 hours, feel free to contact us.


• Only you, the buyer can use the coupon.

• Orders must ship to the same NAME and ADDRESS with each use. If you have a change of address during the course of the year you need to let us know before making your next order. Orders believed to violate the terms will be refunded and the coupon code will be cancelled.  

• Your discount code cannot be used with another discount code at the same time - ie. if we offer a short period where everyone gets a 20% off code for a few days, you cannot use yours for an additional 10% off.

• If particular items in the store are marked for sale without using a discount code, you may use your code to take an additional 10% off those sale items.

• Codes do not apply to Bandcamp purchases.

• Certain exclusions will apply at our discretion.


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