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Since releasing the first Terminal Nation album ‘Holocene Extinction’ in 2020, the USA’s simmering divisions have only widened, factions hardened, compromise disintegrated. The band’s incendiary new album ‘Echoes Of The Devil’s Den’ epitomizes that boiling rage, once again appearing on the eve of a recurring nightmare election cycle of fossilized 20th century relics.

The Terminal Nation battering ram has at its core outrageously heavy mid-paced riffing and bulldozing breakdowns, taken to new levels of extreme brutality, over which Stan Liszewski’s vocal venom radiates the seething anger of a population at wits end.

Yet beyond that punishing substructure Terminal Nation’s songwriting chops have evolved considerably as evidenced on songs like ‘Embers of Humanity’ which injects an epic heavy metal flair within its balladry, building to stadium-esque crescend. On single ‘Merchants of Bloodshed’, the band splice in anthemic, bordering on radio-friendly clean singing courtesy of Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage), just one of many guest vocal appearances on the album.

Lyrically, throughout ‘Echoes of the Devil’s Den’ the band lash out with both the scathing societal critique for which they’re well known and also a more intimately reflective narrative that draws upon some massive personal upheavals endured in the preceding years. Forged in the fires of tribulation, Terminal Nation’s ‘Echoes of the Devil’s Den’ demolishes with the force of an erupting volcano, burning to ash the falsity of our age.

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