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Returning with the second and final installment in the doom-laden ‘The Exuviae Of Gods’ EP series, Part II once again contains two never-heard brand new Mournful Congregation tracks and a re-recording of an old classic from the band’s ‘90s demo era.

The EP opens with ‘Heads Bowed’ which the most fanatical Mournful Congregation fans will recognize from their ‘An Epic Dream Of Desire’ demo from 1995, now given new life through the eyes and ears of decades of Extreme Doom songcraft and studio-work. After that look back, ‘The Forbidden Abysm’ and the side-long ‘The Paling Crest’ remind us how far Mournful Congregation have come, and yet remain as true to their original purpose as ever. Like the previous EP, artwork is once again handled by Karmazid, bringing the monadic into the dyadic. Thus perfecting the natural order of primordial principles….

And so concludes the dual-pillar compendium of devouring gloom and exaltation that is ‘The Exuviae Of Gods’. A balm to quiet the restless spirit as the world awaits the inevitable birth of the years-in-the-making 6th Mournful Congregation album.


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