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To get a FREE COPY of this issue through July of 2016, add $35 of other items (not including shipping costs or the 10% Off For A Year Offer) to your cart, and pick the FREE W/$35 PURCHASE option from the drop down menu below. YOU MUST ADD IT TO YOUR CART, it will not be automatically shipped as we have done in the past.

In the last year postage international postage rates have increased dramatically. If buying a single copy it's recommended you look to a distributor in your area first. In Europe both High Roller and Iron Bonehead carry Chips & Beer Mag. Sorry Canadians, typically no one up there has the balls to carry this mag. If you want it locally, demand it from your distro of choice.

Why is this issue more expensive? 2 reasons, the printer has raised their prices in the last year AND in addition to the usual 128 pages + glossy cover, this issue also includes a special 8 page removable full color glossy insert. Keep in mind the cover price has always been $7, we just sold it cheaper direct since we don't actually make money on this magazine.

With that bullshit out of the way, Chips & Beer The Tenth (yes, unbelievably we made it to 10) includes interviews with: Doro, Suzi Quatro, Leather Leone (Chastain, Leather), Vastum, Aluk Todolo, Lita Ford, Kim McAullife, Enid Williams & Jackie Chambers (Girlschool), Cauchemar and still much more including the usual collective madness, tasteful digressions and thoroughly researched fair and balanced reviews. Oh and did I mention the additional 8 PAGE FULL COLOR GLOSSY PULL OUT CONTAINING A NEVER BEFORE SEEN KISS PHOTO SHOOT FROM THE GLORY DAYS??? Handle with care because no space is safe and once you open the book it cannot be closed... 

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