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This page started as a way to update customers on what's going on with specific pre-orders. Have we received the product, when will they ship etc. As we get a pretty constant stream of emails asking that, an immediate auto-reply is sent with a link to this page.

This page will act in lieu of us needing to write constant and time consuming individual responses to the same questions repeatedly, which actually takes time away from the very thing you want to know about - packing and shipping orders.

So, assuming an update regarding what you're asking about already exists on this page, the email auto-reply with the link here will be the only response sent in those cases.

We recommend, once you're aware of this page's existence, that you check here first going forward before emailing / messaging us as if the answer is already here in some form, there isn't going to be more information we can give you.

We do not predict or give estimates about when individual orders will ship, because many factors contribute to that and it may turn out to be wrong.


Keep in mind there are only TWO people who work at 20 Buck Spin. Not just for order fulfillment but two people total. Thanks.

PS: If you do find you still need to email us for something not addressed here, please strike a well-mannered tone to your message - the best way to ensure we reply. Entitled attitudes and bitchiness will be ignored. Nobody got time for that bullshit. 




APRIL 22ND 2024:

Domestically we're up to about April 13th for shippable orders. Some lingering orders we can't ship yet due to some missing items. We ran out of Civerous CDs but have some more coming back from our distributor later this week, so orders that include the Civerous CD will ship once we've received those.

The Atrae Bilis shirts are still not done and I'm not sure we'll see those this week. Pyre Press is very busy so most of our shirts currently on pre-order may lag behind their expected ship dates. Pyre will get us those as soon as they can. We're not their only customer.


APRIL 17TH 2024:

For domestic orders we have just reached orders placed April 5th. Now, on April 5th we received A LOT of orders. That was the day the Witch Vomit album was officially released. Release day tends to see an uptick for the particular album releasing, and that was a popular one. So, it may take more than just one day to get through all orders from that day. Hence, if April 19th arrives and you're saying, 'they were on April 5th yesterday, my order was from April 5th, yet I don't have my shipping confirmation'... To quote Ace Ventura "Just Wait Longer". We're working on it.

International orders were processed most of today. We have reached April 5th on those too, and will pick them up again next week. As stated many times before we only ship international orders once or twice a week as they have to be processed differently than domestic orders and also amount to only about 25% of our total queue. 

APRIL 15TH 2024:

Tax day... We are at April 3rd orders domestically now. International, which we typically only process once a week (occasionally twice depending on volume), are at April 1st, aside from pre-orders for Atrae Bilis which go back farther....

All domestic Atrae Bilis pre-orders have now been shipped, with the exception of orders with shirts, since we don't have those yet. 

APRIL 12TH 2024:

We are still running behind with a large order queue. International orders have shipped up to the end of March. Orders placed in April are still to be done. 

Domestic orders we're finishing up orders that were placed in the last week of March today. Most April orders are yet to be done. We'll be working through em as fast as possible.

Atrae Bilis pre-orders have not started shipping yet. Next week they'll be going out - although we do not yet have the shirts and most likely won't for at least another week or two.


APRIL 5TH 2024:

Hey everyone, been a minute since I posted an update here. But we are pretty inundated in the shipping department between pre-order and non-preorder fulfillment and in the midst of a backlog. Granted it's nothing like what we experienced last Fall after Tomb Mold dropped, but nonetheless we're running beyond from our usual day to day turnaround.

So it's quite possible your order is gonna take a couple weeks to ship. You don't need to be concerned, it will ship. From the time you get your original order confirmation, there will be silence until you get the shipping confirmation email. If you haven't got that, it hasn't shipped and as always we are not able to predict exactly when it might except to tell you, it won't be much longer. So please just hold fast and we'll be through the backlog as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately mailorder department is closed today and Monday cuz Jason had a long planned trip to Wrestlemania on the books. So everything will resume Tuesday. 

We've shipped a large portion of WITCH VOMIT orders but there's still more to go and newer orders from the last week or two that don't contain a pre-order are also running behind as a result. We will start shipping ATRÆ BILIS pre-orders sometime next week as well.


Also international buyers especially: BUY INSURANCE. We do not make good on lost / damaged in transit items unless you buy insurance and with this order volume it's bound to happen on a few.