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Chips & Beer is a new metal mag meant to give coverage to real metal that isn’t being covered in depth elsewhere. It revolves around what makes our lives tolerable, Metal, Horror, Chips, Beer, Comics and Metal (old, new, no bullshit, no pose). But mostly, Metal.

The mag contains interviews, reviews, special features, comics and lots of exclusive illustrations. It is printed on newsprint and is black and white throughout the interior pages. The covers are full color and glossy. Approximately 100 pages. Published by the creators, writers and designers/illustrators of TheLeftHandPath.com in association with 20 Buck Spin.Interviews:
Negative Plane
Christian Mistress
Eerie Von
Glorious Times Book Editors (Alan and Brian)
Benjamin Vierling (cover artist for Weapon and others)
Matt ‘Putrid’ Carr (underground death metal artist)
Manilla Road
Primer on Manilla Road
One From The Grave (AC/DC Let There Be Rock tribute)
Thirsty & Miserable (Alcoholic conjurations from Cauchemar)Comic:
4 page comic with appearances by Ghost & King Diamond by R. Storey & M. Moseley SmithReviews:
Approx 30 of varying lengthThe Responsible Parties:
Stew Vee
Todd DePalma
Adam Ganderson
Patrick Delaney
The Iron Heel
Chris Alpino

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