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Black and Death Metal are uniquely positioned entities as both grounds for vast experimentation and unyielding pillars of tradition. Both directions have merit and appreciation within the underground, both keep the genre weltering in new blood. Savage Necromancy are firmly in the latter camp, preserving and strengthening the heritage of the most unholy and barbaric blasphemies in ways immediately recognizable and deeply worshipped, yet putting their distinctive mark on the style.

The cruel sound and influences displayed on the Savage Necromancy debut LP ‘Feathers Fall To Flames’ are instantly familiar, and when done with such magisterial fervor and conquering fire becomes not occasion for admonishment but cause for debauched blood-soaked celebration. Tried and true bestial ferocity, profane mockery and spike-fisted black metal victory that leaves no cross unturned.

As Savage Necromancy prepares the already under construction second LP for new label 20 Buck Spin, ‘Feathers Fall To Flames’ now experiences wider release for the first time after its initial short run in 2021. Savage Necromancy has only begun to storm the gates of Heaven.

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