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20 Buck Spin Website Updated; New Mailorder Additions

June 27, 2014

As you likely noticed, the 20 Buck Spin website has been updated to some extent. Despite appearances nothing has changed all that much. Text and images are slightly bigger. Things are easier to read. The navigation has moved around but it's still (in our opinion) very simplistic and should cause no confusion. The fancy image slider on the entry page is probably the most obvious difference. Below that, the important new additions to the shop are still on the front and the menu items are largely the same. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts, positive or negative. 

The site is still a work in progress and we will continue to update and fix anything that may have been overlooked, or anything that just doesn't seem to be working out in its newer form. Oh, and the "logo" at the top of the site is just for the website, the 20 Buck Spin logo you're used to on releases, ads and everywhere else isn't going anywhere. #dontthrowamental


Additionally we added some new stuff to the store as follows:

Akatharsia - Demo TAPE
Corpsessed - Abysmal Thresholds CD
Craven Idol - Towards Eschaton CD
Dodsengel - Mirium Occultum 2xLP / CD
Feretrum - From Far Beyond LP
Gravehill - Death Curse CD
Kever - Eon Of Cycling Death LP
Lie In Ruins - Toward Divine Death CD
Lvcifyre - Svn Eater LP / CD
Oakenthrone Zine #5
Oakenthrone Zine #6
Ruin Lust - S/T LP
Svartidaudi - Flesh Cathedral CD / TAPE
Thantifaxath - Sacred White Noise CD
Vilkacis - The Fever Of War LP

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