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Mercury Spill at Warrendale PA Postal Processing Center, Possible Package Delays

March 31, 2019

Some customers have asked about a tracking update that indicated a delay due to an 'emergency situation' at a USPS facility. This has nothing to do with anything we at 20 Buck Spin did, nor does it necessarily mean there's a problem with your package.

We've discovered that there was a "mercury spill" at the Warrendale processing facility (about 25-30 minutes north of Pittsburgh) that has caused them to shut it down temporarily for clean up. This news article from March 25th has some explanation.

Not surprisingly the USPS is not being forthcoming about what's going on and when normal operations will resume, and have tried to present the impact to delivery as 'minimal' which, one week later, doesn't seem minimal at all. 

We apologize for this inconvenience and delay but as you can guess, it is completely beyond our control. We hope these packages will be moving soon and if we have additional information will post it here.

UPDATE APRIL 2ND: Many customers have reported their orders have been re-routed and delivered or are on the way. However not everyone. USPS will likely have them all moving soon.

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