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ORDER CRUSH: Tomb Mold Pre-Orders, Turnaround Times, etc.

July 17, 2019

Hi there. We are currently (mid-July) more crushed with pending orders then we've ever been before. It's a good problem to have. But as there are only two people currently working at 20 Buck Spin we are going to be running behind for the next month to come. What does that mean for you?

Tomb Mold pre-orders are shipping as fast as humanly possible. The amount of orders we received just on the FIRST DAY they were available, June 14th, was as many orders as we generally receive in an average month.

We began to ship these orders around July 5th. Once we started on shipping these orders from mid-June, it delayed us from shipping many of the new orders placed during July, since the June pre-orders came first.

Additionally, as we sold out of color Tomb Mold vinyl within 2 hours that first day, we immediately ordered more from our pressing plant so as many of you that wanted color vinyl could get it rather than trying to pay some scalper on Discogs for it. Little did we know at the time our pressing plant closes for the first two weeks of July for maintenance (not that this news would have changed anything about how we proceeded). So, for the color vinyl variants of B6-B8, these will NOT be arriving to us until early to mid August now. And at that point they will take several additional weeks to ship them all.

On top of that our merch partners at Pyre Press are also incredibly busy this Summer, in addition to being in the process of equipment upgrades to improve their productivity level. The Planetary Clairvoyance shirt order is the biggest shirt order we've ever made from them as well. So the shirts will not be ready to ship until around the end of month or longer for certain sizes. This is not an order that can be printed in just a day or two.

Because of the sheer volume here, even orders that do not include Tomb Mold have been effected since most have come in after the Tomb Mold orders or are additional new orders for that album. 

So, we understand that you may now have been waiting, 5, 10 or even 20 days since you checked out with your order looking for that glorious shipping confirmation email. There is nothing wrong with your order, and there is nothing wrong with us. We are simply working through a lot of orders as fast as we can. We are not going to be able to individually update everyone wondering about their order. If you find all of this maddening and would rather not wait, then let us know and we can cancel your order if that's preferable to you. Otherwise, to quote Axl Rose, please have "just a little patience".

Rest assured we will get to your order and there is no conspiracy against you, and no one here is being lazy about things. We understand that people are used to an Amazon Prime level shipping experience at this point in time. All we can do is reiterate that this is a small business with real working class people behind it, doing our best to service the people that support us. We know the vast majority of our customers are understanding about this despite being eager to receive their orders (and we are eager to get them to you). We ask for your patience while we do our jobs here - the less emails we have to answer, the more time we can spend packing orders.

20 Buck Spin

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