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20 Buck Spin Is Moving To Pittsburgh, PA

June 26, 2017

20 Buck Spin is going to be relocating to the city of Pittsburgh, PA during the month of July.

We’ll be shipping orders from Olympia until July 7th. At that point, we will close for the remainder of July (as happened in 2014 you may recall). You’ll still be able to order during that time, you’ll just have to wait a few weeks before it’s shipped (like you often do when you pre-order stuff). By early August we’ll resume business as usual from Pittsburgh. We’ve already got the new HQ lined up over there and it’s being set up as you read this.

This won’t effect anything to do with how 20 Buck Spin operates. We’ll still be the same label, doing the same things, same bands, same mailorder, same website. The only changes for you, our loyal followers and customers who make it all possible, is that some of your orders will now be delivered with less transit time, and some with a little more, depending on where you are located.

We understand some of our Northwest friends and supporters will be bummed about the change, just as we had some bummed folks when we left the Bay Area for Washington nearly 10 years ago. Nonetheless, we still will have a strong connection to the Northwest scene, one of the best in the country and may even return permanently down the road. For now, we’re gonna try something new in Pittsburgh, an area we’ve had long connections to that we plan to strengthen going forward.

Thanks for your continued support!

David Adelson / 20 Buck Spin

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Ja'Carra (KVLTLand) Cole
Ja'Carra (KVLTLand) Cole

June 28, 2017

Cool move to PA. As a proud of supporter of label (physical merch mercy and bands wise) I look forward to this since you guys are a little closer to me. With that being said, can I assume that Migrartion Fest will be in PA next year? ?

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