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Happy New Year: Where's My Order?!

January 02, 2016

Happy New Year folks:  As noted on the front page of our site recently, our shipping department was closed between December 24th and January 3rd, during which time we had everything on the site on sale. In the first week of the year we dropped the Magic Circle LP. Then the MGLA LP showed up. And now the Aevangelist LP has taken hold.

Needless to say orders have been coming in at a faster rate than usual for January! We are pleased of course, but are running 4-5 days behind right now. We ask for your patience. Rest assured your order is going to come, and assuming you provided a proper email address, you'll get notified when it ships.

We'll likely not respond immediately to the inevitable "where's my order" inquiries until we've had a chance to catch up. You will receive a shipment confirmation email when your order ships. Thanks for understanding! We'll be back to the usual 24-48 turnaround soon enough.

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January 04, 2016

No prob, you rule.

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